America’s Painful Self-Delusion

take a look at transfs web site for far more material on money / by Tyler Durden / Dec 14, 2017 

Authored by Allen Marshall (Crimson Avenger) via Defiant Living blog,

America is the only nation brought forth by a set of beliefs, and those beliefs, captured so eloquently in our founding documents, are some of the most powerful and inspiring ever conceived. We consider this to be the land of the free, where the individual is supreme and nothing prevents us from going as far as our talents can take us. That image of America – that “brand” – is incredibly strong.


However, there’s a very large gap between that long-held image and the reality of America today.

What was once a government built for the people is now a government run for the rich and powerful, one that throws the people under the bus whenever their interests differ from those of the corporate and political leaders who run the show.

And living in one world (the corrupt) while stubbornly believing you live in another (the ideal), despite mounds of evidence, causes a distinct kind of stress, often called cognitive dissonance.


December 15, 2017 at 06:50AM