From the Crap You Can’t Make up File – Equifax gets Fraud Prevention Contract from IRS

look at website for additional advice on personal finances / by John Galt / October 3, 2017 

I swear you just can not make this crap up any more.

From Politico’s website tonight:

IRS awards multimillion-dollar fraud-prevention contract to Equifax

Yes, seriously.

The same IRS that handles all of your private information just gave a no-bid multi-million dollar contract to the company which exposed all of your private information to every Pakistani, North Korean, and Russian hacker on planet Earth.


The IRS will pay Equifax $7.25 million to verify taxpayer identities and help prevent fraud under a no-bid contract issued last week, even as lawmakers lash the embattled company about a massive security breach that exposed personal information of as many as 145.5 million Americans.


October 04, 2017 at 10:00AM